Lithuania – the land I always wish to be at. I could not stand any longer. I have to go back there. Tomorrow I’ll take the ferry from Kiel and on Tuesday I will be there and stay for 7 days! I look forward to drinking Svyturys, eating Cepelinai and finally to be able to train my Lithuanian skills again. Labas Lietuva!

It got me again: the fever. Before each holiday planning, the question is: Should I or should not go to Lithuania? This time I just had to answer again with a yes. From 2007 to 2008 I studied at the University of Vilnius for a year and it was one of the best of my life. I won an incredible number of friends there. The country is beautiful and the food tastes great. And we don’t need to talk about the beer. The Lithuanians just have it right! That is why I am particularly happy to be able to enjoy all that again: A few Cepelinai, Svyturys a bottle or even a few more, a stroll through Uzupis. Or let the day just bea day in Vilnius 🙂

This time I decided, instead of the usually stressful trip through Poland to take the more relaxed way and hopefully board the Victoria Seaways by DFDS Seaways in Kiel on Monday around noon. Before, I will take a little trip to friends in Hamburg, St. Pauli and pay the Reeperbahn a little visit. On Tuesday at 12:30 clock my ship will arrive in Klaipeda, the former Memel, the city with the largest port in Lithuania. Then the adventure begins. Although I have already made a plan – that can always change at road trips. Here is the background story of the upcoming trip:

Ferry from Kiel to Klaipeda

Arrival in Klaipeda, strolling and possibly a quick trip to Sventoji

Curonian Spit, the largest sand dune in Europe and to the former home of Thomas Mann

Thursday to Sunday
Vilnius and around

Excursion or trip to the National Park Aukstatija

Either Ignalina or Siauliai

Ferry from Klaipeda to Kiel

I hope I manage to keep you up to date. I will definitely post one or the other picture to Twitter and Facebook. You can find everything I am able to post to the social networks with the hashtag # LabasLT. Labas is the word for Hi in Lithuanian. Finally, I can also practice my rusty Lithuanian again. Iki pasimatymo (Good bye)!

Note: The ferry passge with the Victoria is supported by DFDS Seaways. Thanks for that. My opinion is of course my own.

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