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Couchsurfing fake profiles

Fake profiles – Is Couchsurfing inflating membership statistics?

About 4 weeks ago I went back to my hometown to stay with my family before going on a bigger trip in the upcoming months. Because I have largely lost connection to my old friends from school, I was randomly...

/ Juni 26, 2016

All countries in Europe visited – time for a resumee

I finally made it. I landed in Malta and have travelled all countries in Europe. Time for a resumee of this time and those trips. The story of the idea to travel all European countries It is the same like...

/ November 10, 2015

Travelling Transnistria or how I drank a cup of Althaus and couchsurfed in the Soviet Union

Actually, this is not even a country. And even if the locals don’t like to hear this stereotype: even to me visiting Transnistria seemed like a trip to the Soviet Union. And it got even stranger when I discovered a...

/ Januar 31, 2014
Only One Ag Sportbags

Which backpack does the guy from Rooksack use (right now): OnlyOne by AG Sportbags

It’s time again for a new backpack! My blog name says it and here one more goes into test. This time I tested the OnlyOne of AG Sportbags. A dashing Frenchman, with clever features. But more here! „Only You“ you...

/ Januar 26, 2014
san marino burg

Daytrip to San Marino: How I became a skyscraper

A castle standing proud on rocks. A bunch of torture instruments and certainty to be located far above the clouds : San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. And a charming destination for a daytrip. We...

/ Januar 3, 2014

Visiting Mount Vesuvius: Dance on a volcano

Europe’s most dangerous volcano stands right outside Naples. Vesuvius is ideal for a day trip. There are breathtaking views and the opportunity to put a saying into action. I feel connected to this mountain. When I was a child, I...

/ September 30, 2013

Giro delle Gelaterie: Step through Italy in 3 ice cream parlors

Italy, the land of snow and ice cream. One could at least think. You can not get around eating ice cream here. So I went on a hunt for the best ice cream in Italy. In Genoa , Rome and...

/ September 25, 2013
wood carving artist Kasys Striupa in his workshop in Lithuania

Wood carving artists in Zemaitija: Made of hard wood

The people in Zemaitija were among the last pagans of Europe. Today they remain assome of the most faithful Christians. Especially the wood carving artists mix the pagan folklore with Christian rituals. I also bought carnival mask – from one...

/ August 15, 2013

Up up and away: Roadtrip through Lithuania

Lithuania – the land I always wish to be at. I could not stand any longer. I have to go back there. Tomorrow I’ll take the ferry from Kiel and on Tuesday I will be there and stay for 7...

/ August 4, 2013

Cabin Max backpack for handluggage in use – Review

Backpack – this issue didn’t get much attention here so far, despite my blog being name “Rooksack”. So I wanted to introduce you after all, to the backpack I actually travel with. I prefer those which fit to the dimensions...

/ August 3, 2013