It’s time again for a new backpack! My blog name says it and here one more goes into test. This time I tested the OnlyOne of AG Sportbags. A dashing Frenchman, with clever features. But more here!

„Only You“ you might hear Elvis singing in the background. That’s the association I had when I got the offer to test the backpack OnlyOne made by AG Sportbags. It stands for a backpack that will satisfy all needs towards short trips. This is what the feel is made for.


Therefore the OnlyOne comes as the New Objectivity. He is black with neon green zippers and interior. He looks a bit bulky. If it is filled, it gives the impression of a fairly massive piece of luggage. He has a simple elegance that actually makes it suitable for business trips too. Nevertheless he is fine for private trips though.


I find the quality very appealing. The weak point in all backpacks are the zippers, straps and loops. Those here don’t just look valuable, they are also very stable. I have pulled on them quite a few times and it doesn’t seem to harm them. The seams are also craftedvery well. Only in the interior of the backpack has a seam pulled a thread. It looked pretty nasty but nothing happened so far . Still it left me a bit puzzled and I do not expect something like this from a valuable backpack.

Strap me on, baby!

It’s like the guys that made it, read “50 Shades of Grey”. The straps are very well made . The plastic belt tensioners are massive and make a quality impression. The straps are quite long, but can be rolled up and secured with a Velcro closure . On the belts , there are small compartments for coins and tickets. However, that can be opened only from the top down, which is a bit difficult when they are filled with coins.
The padding of the backpack is quite soft. Due to its weight, especially if you fill it well, they are press onto the back of the carrier quite well. However, I find that rather pleasant. In summer, it can also be annoying though. However, there is some air circulation. As I have already explained for the Cabin May, for me it is better than metal rods as a cushion tensioner. In this respect a good solution for me .


The weight is a bit much. Without everything it’s 1.8 kilograms, so around 4 pounds. This is a heavy piece of luggage and a bit much for air travel.

Pockets and compartments

The really refreshing to this pack is the many pockets and compartements. Looking at those you actually realize that someone has thought about the stuff travellers might need.

Camera pocket
My personal favorite pocket is the one for cameras . Also AG doesn’t declare this pocket the one for cameras it is just perfect for it. Even DSLRs such as the Canon 700D fit in. Even my own Canon 70D fits in there. However, only with a small lens , and only just that. The backpack isn’t a photo backpack. If you want such thing, you should keep looking elsewhere. But anyone who likes a good camera on trips, could be pretty happy with this backpack. I always like a camera around. That’s why I find such a pocket almost mandatory !
Also nice : The goggle bag in it!

Clothing main compartment
The clothing main compartment has about the size of a shoebox, to describe it figuratively. Therefore about a pair of shoes, a pair of pants , two T -shirts and underwear for 3-4 days fir in well. Socks can be stowed in the other pockets.

Small net pockets
In the main compartment there are several compartments with zippers. Here I had my shower stuff and a lens for my camera, various chargers and all sorts of little things stored. The compartments are very useful in any case. Also, and especially if you come to an airport

Front compartment
At the front there is another compartment accessible from the front and from the inside. You shouldn’t use it for valuables but it’s great for pens and paperwork, deodorant, insect repellent or other stuff that you could quickly need.

Bottle holder
I found the bottle holder to be quite handy. A 1.25 liter bottle is in good place here. This can be a great use for a water bottles that you can fill up while you are under way. However, it is rather poorly placed in the center front. It would be even better if it would be at the side, despite it’s weight . When full it kinda pulls down with its weight and puts extra stress on the shoulders. Heavy things are better stored close to the back.

Document compartments
For me, next to the camera compartment the actual highlight of this backpack is the hidden document compartment. It’s placed at the back of the backpack and can be closed with a zipper. Those pockets make it a fine bag for business backpackers. You can carry magazines and all kinds of documents such as flight tickets or boarding cards without risking that they will get damaged much, I really hate sitting aroudn with documents in my hands. Makes me nervous. The walls of the document tray are in fact strengthened. The paper that goes in, gets out well too. It also allows to easily separate the documents.
Also on the back there are two small pockets again for pens and such.

Laptop compartment
As for the laptop compartment, they have planned for all eventualities with the OnlyOne . The backpack swallows all laptops up to 17 inches. But let’s be honest: Who takes a 17-inch laptop on a short trip? I must admit my Toshiba is 17 inches and I have transported it in the backpack. But that was not even on a short trip and I wanted to save some luggage in the car. On short trips I would leave anything beyond 2 pounds at home. Apart from me, most people use less large laptops. AG though of a litle gimmick though. For people with smaller laptops they put a cushion so that the smaller notebook sits better. It’s removable.

Air travel

So far I have not tested the backpack on air travel. However, other bloggers tell that the OnlyOne fits with the common airline luggage regulations for carry-ons . However, this only applies to the common restrictions, as some airlines such as Wizz Air and Easyjet have tightened their conditions. When I plugged the OnlyOne into a luggage test box at an airport it fit in but needed a little help by pushing it. In this respect it should go well into the cabin. I will test that once I fly again.

Value for the money

What you pay is what you get. The price of this smart backpack is quite high. Around 150 Euros are to be invested for calling the OnlyOne your only one. Would I spend it? I don’t know. But the fact is: Whoever invests the money will certainly not be disappointed. Xyou get a lot in return for your investment 🙂


The small things are the ones that matter here and connect you with the backpack and it’s producing company. With the money you support a small French startup. The company AG Sportbags is not Deuter or Samsonite. Therefore, at least there is the good conscience. Whether this goes for the production conditions so far is not kown to me. The bag is from China I can tell. For 150 Euros I would expect to know something more. Therefore: AG Sportbags – please make this transparent!

What I like

The small compartments are just great. Although the camera bag could be a bit bigger and the laptop bag for me personally slightly smaller, you can tell : someone here has thought about what short-term travelers want. In addition, the manufacturing seems valuable and the appearance is simple but elegant. It suits my style and would be authentic for me.
I really liked the small icons, which indicate where to put stuff and even depict a packing list. Very smart! Also, the bottle holder is a beautiful thing even if the place is not optimal.

What I did not like

The price is quite tough. Whether you want to spend that much, you have to decide for yourself.
From the practical side particularly the large interior space was just too small. Especially since it could have been better saved elsewhere. Although it’s ok for clothes. With a pair of flip flops it would be tight already.
OnlyOne I find to be a high bar to jump over. Since the backpack is good only for very specific travel of a maximum of 3-4 days , the name is somewhat misguided. But that’s my personal 2 cents.


The OnlyOne is a really well thought-out backpack. Its small ideas have inspired me and I honestly wonder why others have not yet come up with those. I find the look to be quite elegant and the workmanship is great. I have only minor things to criticize and for weekend trips (also on business short trips) the backpack is ideal. Whoever spends those 150 Euros gets a great backpack and will find neat details to be astonished by whenever you use it.

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