Italy, the land of snow and ice cream. One could at least think. You can not get around eating ice cream here. So I went on a hunt for the best ice cream in Italy. In Genoa , Rome and Naples, I was looking for the best ice cream shops in Italy and found one that reflects the charm of each city for me. A taste of Italy – for people who have no problem to get a cold tongue.

You might have have noticed before that I am actually quite a sweet tooth. I love beer, wine, all kinds of sausage (sorry vegetarians), but I also love delicious soups and whatever I can try new flavors with. But there is one thing I can never miss out on whenever I come across it and that since my early childhood. One thing that I used to stuff more of into my mouth than the boyfriends of my older sisters. One thing that I risk getting a headache headache for. One thing I eat and don’t lick : ice cream. I can not live without it and how could I not eat ice cream in Italy?

La Cremeria delle Erbe in Genoa : Pride and tastefully

Genoa is a city of seafaring. But it is not only marked by the hard work in the 20 mile-long harbor. It also offers many international influences. Both by the guests of cruise ships, as well as by many immigrants, particularly from Africa. Therefore the city for me tastes a bit like the ice cream I found at Piazza dell‘ Erbe in Genoa in the Cremeria dell‘ Erbe. Especially the basil tastes like Genoa. Both because pesto a la Genovese comes of course from Genoa. But also because the base for the ice cream was a lemon sorbet. I love lemon as a ice cream flavor for feeling kinda refreshing What is also very tasty, are the various types of ice cream on a stick , which you can find in the freezer cabinets in the window. The extremely fruity taste is great and I wish I could buy such at supermarkets in Germany . But unfortunately they are found only here. Otherwise, there are also various cakes with strawberries for example. As an alternative to ice it’s pretty good.

Gelateria del Teatro in Rome : numerous, loud, extravagant

The Gelateria del Teatro is like Rome. It is diverse because it has a lot of varieties. It’s loud , because it is on a busy street (although a bit further there are the banks of the Tiber) and it is extravagant. It’s decor is reminiscent of a milk shop and you can sit on stools or stylish metal benches in front of the door. Above all though it is one thing: extremely tasty. Again, there is basil ice cream. However, it’s not as good as in Genoa (still pretty good though). Instead, I recommend some really outstanding tastes. Lavender and white peach melts in your mouth like a spring rain on your skin. And if you have ever walked into a Lush soap shop and thought, “ God, I want to eat you all because you smell so good“, then you should definitely try rosemary, honey and lemon! And that’s not an insult. It’s looks like a soap, the name sound like it, but you can actually eat it and it’s AWESOME! Also I can recommend the Sicilian Zabaione. For a little tongue twist try the ginger ice cream.

Remy Gelo in Naples : Down to earth, old fashioned, typical

Naples is a beautiful contrast to the other places so far. The city as well as the ice cream parlor Remy Gelo. It’s like an antagonism to the other shops. It is not in the center , like most tourist traps. Instead, you have to either take the metro and continue to Mergellina. Or alternatively you can also walk along the promenade of the Via Partenope towards Via Francesco Carraciolo which is quite scenic and on the seaside . Right next to the indoor market Mergellina you can find Remy Gelo. The interior is simple and reminds me a little of the mixture of a butcher and ice cream shop in Western Kansas. However, masses of locals sit outside. I also had gotten the recommendation from a Neapolitan the night before. The Neapolitans love this place and they have every reason to do so. The various sorbets are really delicious. But even standard varieties such as vanilla or chocolate are made with love and taste even better than in most other ice cream parlors. This is also a bit like it is with Naples in general. It’s like the margherita pizza that’s from here. Nothing fancy, but with an astonishing taste that easily beats any standart pizza elsewhere. Seems like Naples motto is “Brave to be simpel”.

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